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I am an artist and a musician and i devote all my time to the creation of love and art ,i also give my life to helping rescue abandon Animals. ,And i am a believer in the the all mighty creator of light and love transformed into the physical form ,We all have the power to work for the health and the good of the world as a whole ,Unity through Dance and music is the inspiration from god to bring us all to a higher place of communication help me join with we me in this dream for world unity through art music dance -theater. In our soul is the need for expression and entertainment ,All is visual what we see and hear is how we communicate, We learn how to appreciate and respect our bodies through dance and music, We learn to express our souls through the movement of Dance and sound .What we chose to do with this information is entirely up to us, How we make a difference is through choice .WE all need to take a chance on what we want ,Help me make a beautiful difference in this world ,join me , Give a little .to help ,And I WILL GIVE ALL I HAVE .LADYKASHMIR. become a patreon